Building template
  • The original building template for wood, a handful of aluminum alloy, easily damaged, low life,adhesion and cement concrete, demoulding effect is poor
  • TPAC building template has the advantages of light weight, easy peeling, and concrete after use without cleaning, corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation

Decoration materials
  • TPAC prepreg tape and board structure, acid and alkali resistance, frost resistance and antiimpact, anti cracking, shining, and as new, non-toxic, no pollution, recyclable, green environmental protection
  • Can be used in the column body decoration, removable panels, window panels, skirting board, decoration, and has the advantages of simple process, convenient processing and manufacture

  • 0/90 structural laminates

  • 0/90 structural laminates

  • Structural sandwich panels

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