Single direction prepreg tapes
One layer continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials, typical composites is glass fiber/PP, fiber content 40~60 wt.%.

Typical applications:
1.RTP pipe reinforcement
2.Skin layers for sandwich panels
3.Surface protection layers
5.Make into panel, plate, etc

Fiber contents Matrix resin Density(g/cm3) Thickness(mm) Width (mm) Length(m)
40-60wt% PP、PA、PE、PET,ect 1.20-1.44 0.20~0.35 Up to 635,as required 2000 or as required

Product Description Unit Typical Data
Fiber orientation ° 0
Fiber content (weight) % 55
Resin matrix   PP
Density g/cm3 1.38
Thickness mm 0.25
Tensile strength MPa 520
Flexural strength MPa 430
Flexural modulus GPa 24

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