Innovations for advanced composites: Lighter, Stronger, Costs Less, and Sustainable Life Cycle

GENIUS developed the 1st domestic thermoplastic prepreg equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights in late 1990s, and paid more than 10 years to work on the innovations of TPAC.

After the 3rd equipment upgrade, GENIUS now has multiple products, which are quality stable and materials diversified.

Thermoplastics, which provide the natural low-density, repairability, and recyclability, are used as the raw polymers in TPAC. Since the mechanical properties have a close relationship with the length of the fibers, the continuous fibers in TPAC significantly improve the tensile, flexural, and impact strength. Different combinations of thermoplastics and fibers bring TPAC flexible properties which means good designability for various applications.

Steel to plastic, TPAC have shown the superior performance in transportation, which also lead to lighter weight and lower costs. GENIUS has got abundant data for the partial substitute for wood, which demonstrate TPAC could be one of the best product candidates of wood reinforcement.

GENIUS believes that close collaboration with business partners is vital and has established cooperative relationship with several industry leaders.

GENIUS concentrates on alleviating industry burdens.

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