Truck, Trailer & Car
  • TPAC products are in the premise of reducing the weight of the product itself, while increase the strength, stiffness, and impact resistance.
  • TPAC materials Can be applied in the bumper, engine bottom plate, battery box, spare box, instrument panels, door backbone, seat frame, anti-flutter parts of high strength components.

Freight train
  • The freight train can use TPAC plate as the side door, box car using TPAC sheet as the car ceiling material, double decker train using TPAC sandwich plate as door to reduce weight while maintain the strength & stiffness.
  • The benefits of using TPAC materials include Greatly reduce the car weight, reduce transportation costs, increase the load capacity, greatly improve the railway transport capacity.

  • The original floor of container is made of cloning wood, which has less and less quantity, quality is getting worse, low life time, and easily damaged.
  • TPAC new material, no corrosion, good appearance; the service life is long, up to 20 years; environmentally friendly recyclable; repair is convenient; the same maximum gross weight condition, loading more.

  • The side wall is aluminum plate, thickness of 2-3mm weight, bond and the lining is not easy, chilled water vapor corrosion
  • TPAC materials to reduce energy consumption, increase the loading space, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, good bonding properties

  • 0/90 structural sheets

  • 0/90 structural laminates

  • 0/90° corrugated plate

  • Structural sandwich panels

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